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Going Green.

At Fleming Construction, Inc., we are going green.  As with anything important, going green has been a process for us.  First we started by recycling all our paper product through the local school system, who receives proceeds from the sale of the paper to recycling companies.  Next we started collecting our aluminum cans from around the office.  These we give to our local fire department, where the proceeds go to a burn foundation.  Then we began helping our customers with the proper disposal of old mercury-containing florescent lamps.  Most recently we have been retrofitting our buildings with newer, more energy-efficient light fixtures.

Our next step will be installing a 1KW solar energy system.  Installing this system will be equivalent to removing 1,923 pounds of carbon, 3.3 pouds of nitrous oxide, and 5.28 pounds of sulfate from the air each year.  It is also equivalent to planting 255 trees a year.  A future projects we want to see is using biodiesel in our work trucks.

Again, going green is a process.  Please join us in taking small steps, because each small step counts.

Solar Panel

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