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Types of Solar Panels

Solar cells work by converting sunlight into electrical energy.

A single solar cell creates a small amount of electricity. Solar panels are a group of these small cells linked together as a complete circuit called a panel. Currently solar panels convert between 10 to 20 percent of  sunlight into electrical energy. To date, there are several types of solar panels which include:

    Monocrystalline Silicon – These panels consist of a single layer of silicon for the semiconductor. This type of silicon is the most expensive, as it is the purest type of silicon and costs more to make.

    Polycrystalline Silicon – In this method, silicon cells are poured into blocks and cut into plates. Although not as efficient in producing electricity as other types of plates, this option is less expensive.

    Amorphous Thin Film Silicon – This option combines layers of semiconductors that are only as thick as a human hair and which are placed on a wide variety of thin and flexible type materials. This method is the least expensive of all; however, amorphous thin film silicon is not yet readily available

Types of Solar Panels

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