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At Fleming Construction, Inc., we have been providing electrical contracting to the states of Georgia and South Carolina since 1991.  As a mid-size electrical contracting business, we specialize in commercial and industrial electrical projects.    From medical and manufacturing clients, to food service and retailers, we continue to provide electrical contracting solutions that could only come from 18 years of experience.

We know the importance of welcoming new and changing technology, so in 1996, we embraced the promising new cellular communication industry.  Since then, Fleming Construction Inc., has been providing A/C and D/C power supply and lightning protection to cellular companies in Georgia and South Carolina for the past twelve years.  Two years later, we became a Design Build electrical contractor.  This means we can take our customers’ notes and drawings of a building, and, using these ideas, carry the project from start to finish.  For more information, see our Design Build page.

Our desire to embrace changing technology, coupled with our country’s need to break dependence on foreign oil and our wish to become a more “green” company, convinced us to research alternative energy sources.  Clients, both new and old, are coming to Fleming Construction, Inc., looking for information on solar panels and ways to turn their businesses “green.”  We are excited to educate our customers on the installation, costs, and benefits of installing solar panel systems.  Come join us in making our homes and businesses more energy efficient.  Where better to start with solar energy than with an experienced and proven electrical contractor like Fleming Construction, Inc.

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