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Design Build

Solar Panels, Residential

One of the oldest forms of construction, Design Build brings the entire process of construction under one roof. The Design Builder, with the client’s input, controls the initial design and permitting for a project, and then oversees the construction from start to finish. This process can cut construction time and cost, as well as deliver a better project to the client.

At Fleming Construction, Inc., we work closely with Design Builders and their clients in order to get the full vision of a project. We can take any floor plan and design, quote, and build the entire electrical system. In this way, we work under the direction of the Design Builder and client to install the best product for the situation. Since we employ both the engineer and the electricians, we can save the client money by cutting the cost of outsourcing these areas. And it saves time because we all work on the team together.

The Design Build practice can carry over to clients interested in solar energy, as we can build your solar project from start to finish. At Fleming Construction, Inc., our engineers can help design a system that would fit your needs, and we have the staff to construct your solar energy system from start to finish. Please give us a call to discuss your solar and electrical needs, then we can quote, design, and install the system for you.

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