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Solar Electric System Operations
A photovoltaic system, or solar electric system provides 100% clean electricity from the sun. Photo means produced by light and voltaic means electricity produced from a chemical reaction. A photovoltaic system lets you harness the power of the sun simply using five or six major parts and gives you the freedom of being your own power company. Systems are most commonly comprised of four major components: PV panels, a charge controller, batteries and an inverter.
Using the Sun
The sun is the source of solar energy. Visible (you can …

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This country generates 71%1 of its electricity using fossil fuels, and in the course of doing so, emits 10.3 million tons of sulfur dioxide2, 3.9 million tons of nitrogen oxides, 2.4 billion tons of carbon dioxide , and over 50 tons of mercury a year. These emissions are toxic to human health and constitute a serious public health problem.  In addition to the serious human health effects, emissions from fossil fuel electricity generation are the single largest contributor to global warming, responsible for 36% of the country’s emissions of carbon …

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The benefits of solar are clear:

Clean. Really clean, as in zero emissions. In the US, emissions from electricity generation are the single largest contributor to global warming, as well as toxic to human health and the environment.
Reliable. With no moving parts, solar panels need little maintenance and come with 25-year warranties standard.
Sustainable. Solar power is renewable.

Adapted from www.votesolar.org

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Design Build

One of the oldest forms of construction, Design Build brings the entire process of construction under one roof. The Design Builder, with the client’s input, controls the initial design and permitting for a project, and then oversees the construction from start to finish. This process can cut construction time and cost, as well as deliver a better project to the client.
At Fleming Construction, Inc., we work closely with Design Builders and their clients in order to get the full vision of a project. We can take …