At Fleming Construction, Inc., we have been providing electrical contracting to the states of Georgia and South Carolina since 1991.  As a mid-size electrical contracting business, we specialize in commercial and industrial electrical projects.    From medical and manufacturing clients, to food service and retailers, we continue to provide electrical contracting solutions that could only come from 18 years of experience.

We know the importance of welcoming new and changing technology, so in 1996, we embraced the promising new cellular communication industry.  Since then, Fleming Construction Inc., has been providing A/C and …

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Solar Electric System Operations
A photovoltaic system, or solar electric system provides 100% clean electricity from the sun. Photo means produced by light and voltaic means electricity produced from a chemical reaction. A photovoltaic system lets you harness the power of the sun simply using five or six major parts and gives you the freedom of being your own power company. Systems are most commonly comprised of four major components: PV panels, a charge controller, batteries and an inverter.
Using the Sun
The sun is the source of solar energy. Visible (you can …

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This country generates 71%1 of its electricity using fossil fuels, and in the course of doing so, emits 10.3 million tons of sulfur dioxide2, 3.9 million tons of nitrogen oxides, 2.4 billion tons of carbon dioxide , and over 50 tons of mercury a year. These emissions are toxic to human health and constitute a serious public health problem.  In addition to the serious human health effects, emissions from fossil fuel electricity generation are the single largest contributor to global warming, responsible for 36% of the country’s emissions of carbon …